The plight of the “EVER GIVEN” has been well-documented in recent days. The vessel ran aground allegedly due to being caught by a sudden gust of wind although it has been suggested that it suffered a machinery failure or an electrical blackout. The facts will become clear in due course. Meantime, “EVER GIVEN” is stuck fast, wedged across the canal and aground both forward and aft.

The Suez Canal Authority has sought assistance from professional salvors, Smit. At present, a number of SCA tugs are attempting to refloat the vessel but it is suggested that a more comprehensive salvage operation may be necessary, involving salvage tugs and requiring lightening of the vessel by the removal of bunkers and, perhaps, some containers. There are fears that, if the immediate efforts are unsuccessful, the salvage operation may take several weeks to complete.

Cargo owners may be asked to contribute to the cost of the salvage operation, either as a salvage expense or in General Average in which case it is likely that cargo owners and their insurers will be asked to provide appropriate security acceptable to the salvors and/or shipowners. In the event that salvage or GA securities are required, EC3 Marine and our Cargo Casualty Management team may be able to assist.

EC3 Marine can also assist with arranging surveys of any affected cargoes and investigating the cause of the casualty to consider the possibility of any recourse claim against the shipowners. If there is a salvage claim, EC3 Marine can help with assessment of the claim and negotiating a settlement. If GA is declared, our experienced team can scrutinise the Adjustment to consider the claim for contribution.

If you have cargo onboard or require assistance in respect of this casualty, our specialised Cargo Casualty Management are here to help and we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Andy Macrow, Consultant